Kinesiology Services

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Evidence-based strength training with a kinesiologist is guided by years of exposure to different individuals’ movement stories. No single story is the same, so each individual’s values, objectives, and needs will help shape the programs and outcomes. 

Training is not about finding the best “workout”. Training is a deliberate practice with concrete goals and outcomes. I will give you the tools to train for your goals in a smart, fun, and sustainable way! I’ll support you as we fuel your passion for good movement through education and guided strength training, and help you navigate the path to your health and training goals. 

Even if you’re a beginner to strength training, you’re not on this journey alone; join our community of strong and confident members!

Personal Training

Personal training is offered as a private or semi-private (2+) service. This is the right choice for you if you have strength and fitness goals, are recovering from acute or chronic injury, or love the extra touch of personalized accountability.

ICBC Active Rehab

Active rehabilitation with a kinesiologist supports individuals suffering from injury or chronic pain as a result of an accident by designing an exercise program to guide and reintroduce safe functional movement.

Online Training

Prefer to stay home? Not in North Vancouver? Online training include flexible, individualized training options to fit your lifestyle. I offer strategies for feedback and accountability as well as independent programming.